MECHLYFE Ratel Rebuildable TC Mod Kit 80W 4ml Standard Edition

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MECHLYFE Ratel Rebuildable TC Mod Kit 80W 4ml Standard Edition

Сообщение vapeciga » 25 фев 2020, 13:01 #1

Many friends will ask questions on the forum or on how to choose the host device of e-cigarette, such as what device should the novice buy, is it better to buy 4S or D2, sometimes these questions are really difficult to answer. So today write this article, is to let you to all kinds of output devices to do a certain understanding, find suitable device type, OK, the following according to their understanding to carry on a classification of all kinds of devices and tell.

Battery pole output devices: as the origin of the electronic cigarette, battery pole output device of a very wide range, good portability, all kinds of the design of individual character, are very attract consumers are buying factor, according to the working principle of the battery pole and output mode can be divided into three types, the following will tell one by one to you.
Electronic cigarette host - mechanical pole

Features: quick output, beautiful, high collectable value

Suitable crowd: collection control, e-cigarette enthusiasts, have certain e-cigarette use experience

Brief: the rapid output of mechanical pole is a lot of electronic cigarette players praise highly, but the price of mechanical pole is often not very low, and the workmanship and safety of imitation products have no guarantee. Mechanical poles do not have any protection when working, so in the use of mechanical poles must have a certain electronic cigarette knowledge, do not just contact electronic cigarettes directly blindly to buy mechanical poles.
E-cigarette host - voltage regulating battery rod

Features: large length, few product types

Applicable crowd: users who like the controllability of voltage regulation output and also pursue portability

Description: must be mentioned regulating pole you about would have thought of P3, in regulating pole this type of product is less, and regulating pole because screen and chip increase will make the length of the pole is bigger, in the aspect of aesthetic feeling and not mechanical pole coordinate, and because the production difficulty is bigger, so the pressure regulating rod prices generally will be relatively high, is not an advantage in terms of price.

Cassette e-cigarette equipment:

Regulating box as the new better choice, in the electronic cigarette market strength is very strong, all kinds of products emerge in endlessly, is a novice players, fans, advanced is the edition, the following will be according to the cartridge of the electronic cigarette output mode and the battery power supply way classification for everyone, and see which one is suitable for your cassette output devices. ... rd-edition

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