2Fdeal: Vazzling VG V6S RTA Style 23mm RTA

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2Fdeal: Vazzling VG V6S RTA Style 23mm RTA

Сообщение Doris_2Fdeal » 09 сен 2019, 10:00 #1

SXK SiChro Style 316SS 22mm RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer w/ BF Pin - Black


Material: 316 Stainless steel (Base Deck) + POM (Top Cap) + Ultem (Inner Chamber) + PEEK (Insulator)
Diameter: 22mm
45-degree angle posts
3 air holes on each side
Suitable for any type of vape you want from RDL to DL

Vazzling VG V6S RTA Style 23mm RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer 5.5ml w/Logo


360° movable Tankshield
5.5 ml tankcapacity
infinitely adjustable Bottom-Airflow
Airflow adjustable via holes in the deck (6 from 9 holes can be closed)
Topfill-System with child safety lock
infinitely adjustable Liquidcontrol
Base and Tank with child safety
PEI Tank shield included (glass tank shield installed)
With Logo

Authentic Ambition Mods Luxem MOSFET Semi-Mechanical Tube 18350/18650 Mod 23mm


Short Circuit Protection;
Polarity Protection;
12seconds timeout;
Switch 3 clicks on /off;
Sleep mode on in 2 second without using;
0.25 ohm: Overvoltage Protection and Minimum resistance 0.25 ohm;
Constant Voltage 3.5V,low tension protection 3.3V.
2Fdeal is a professional online store mainly for e-cigarette products based in China. We are integrated seamlessly with the ecig manufacturing center and running both German warehouse and China warehouse.

2Fdeal: https://www.2fdeal.com

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