SMOK Majesty Kit - Two versions I like

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SMOK Majesty Kit - Two versions I like

Сообщение Vapesourcing » 14 дек 2017, 08:53 #1

I like the SMOK Majesty Kit. It's a solid dual 18650 mod which offers some very appealing design options in both the Resin and Carbon FIber versions with multiple color options for each. There's nothing about it that makes it a must-have if you already have other vapes you enjoy. But if you are in the market for a new kit anyway, this is definitely worth considering.

I think it is best suited for experienced vapers who are looking to replace an older vape with less features or who want more power than their former vape is capable of.

Make your decision in ... r-kit.html or ... -225w.html
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