Обзор: Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit

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Обзор: Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit

Сообщение AVE40 » 01 мар 2019, 06:32 #1

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Today, I’m gonna make a review of a special device. Guess who ? Vaporesso Aurora Play Kit.

Actually it’s not the first lighter shape pod system kit from Vaporesso, But it’s been quite a long time since Vaporesso released Aurora pod kit. Long enough that people have already forgotten this type device. Well as an upgraded kit, where’s the improvements and how does it perform on earth? Let’s check it out.


Size: 16x79x44 mm

Juice Capacity: 2ml

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Charging Current: 1A

Package Included:
1x Aurora Play Kit

1x Replacement Cartridge

USB Cable

User Guide

Warranty Card

The Battery Mod


Never do I can’t say no to the metal material device, especially with various pattern on. My initial impression on this Zippo lighter deice is exquisite. You guys can clearly feel the great metallic texture. And the size is a little bigger than the Zippo lighter we used to use. But the weight is not so satisfying cause it’s so light. Not like a device that metal material made of. Well that’s friendly to those female vapers who always complain about the metal device’s weight. Polished rounded corners of this kit are so great when you grip.

On the side of this kit you can see there’re a USB port and a button for power. And the indicators hidden between them. Three colors to remind the battery life. Red, blue and green for different battery status. And the operations is also simple and easy. Five clicks to power on/ off, you can just vape cause the air-driven design.

And the most important what you pay attention is the cover. After a short test, this cover design satisfies me a lot. It won’t take you much strength to open it up. Just using your thumb push up lightly and the sounds of opening or closing the cover is really crisp. Well I start to like using it to relax instead of the hand spinner pod kit now. LOL

The Pod


And here’s the cartridge of this kit. Coming in this shape to match the whole kit design. Juice capacity of the pod is 2ml and adopts press-to-fill design. To a large extent to prevent the leakage problem and in pursuit of the coordination of the whole pod cartridge. Silicone plug may break the integral aesthetics feeling. I think it maybe come like this.

The Ccell coil inside provides great throat hit feel and flavor. Also the package comes with two pod cartridges, 1.3 ohm with 2ml capacity. This resistance is really great for MTL vaping after few puffs. There's no need for me to introduce the Ccell of Vaporesso. As the earliest and representative ceramic coil in the vaping market, Vaporesso really makes great contribution for those pod kits and keeps surprising its fans with more and more Ccell ( microporous ceramic coil) pod kits! Moreover, the kit has two different output range which is 10w and 18-20w. It offers different vaping experience for different vaping needs.

510 drip tip also provides good vaping experience. And there’s also a window in the battery mod for you to check the juice rest capacity. The air hole stays on the bottom of the pod, hidden between the two contacts.

The Verdict


After a short use, i really appreciate for Vaporesso releasing this new lighter shape pod kit. Compare to the increasingly homogeneous pod system in the market, this lighter shape pod kit really brings us some surprises! Exquisite appearance design with awesome performance, especially the great metallic texture! Of course this pod kit is worth collecting. Compare to all those pen-like or stick-like pod kit of the market, it's not hard to make a choice among them.

Will I choose it, Why not?

If you want one? Why not click here: https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-aurora-play-zippo-pod-starter-kit.html

Thanks For Reading

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