Wotofo Vaporous RDA Unboxing Review

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Wotofo Vaporous RDA Unboxing Review

Сообщение 3FVAPE » 05 июл 2017, 12:05 #1

Hello everyone.
Today we present you the Wotofo Vaporous RDA Unboxing Review.
Hope this passage do some help for you to know about this item.

A Wotofo Vaporous RDA, a drip tip adapter, a user manual, and a giveaway card. Maybe a chance to get a new T-shirt.

Top cap and sleeve. Four air slots on each, two wide and two narrow ones. So there are two types of airflow.

Build deck with two posts. Clamp style, with two Philips screws on top of each post. Two building holes on the side of each post. Deep juice well.

Clamp style posts allow you to build coils easily in many different ways. Just use the clamps and holes flexibly. It’s even possible to build quad coils! It’s up to you!

Read more -> Wotofo Vaporous RDA Unboxing Review(Video review included!)

Hope this simple review will help you to know more about the Wotofo Vaporous RDA,thanks for reading,any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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